Quality and safety are top priority for us. That is why we monitor the production of our bikes on site. The designs and specifications are created in Switzerland. Our suppliers manufacture and control every single bike according to our quality standards. Only the most modern production processes and machines are used for production. Because we sell our bikes directly through our online store, without salesmen, importers or intermediaries, we are able to make you benefit from all the resulting price advantages. We also maintain a direct customer relationship with you. We make every effort to implement your input and your suggestions on our bikes as quickly as possible and to keep on improving ourselves.
When you buy a bike, we grant you a 2-year warranty on everything except on wear parts. Frame and fork are included in the warranty for instance. Your warranty starts from the date of purchase and only applies to the original purchaser. The warranty expires upon resale. If you have an issue with your bike, please contact us and let us know what the problem is – we will find a solution! You can find the contact form here.
You can find our entire range directly at our online store. We have created detailed product descriptions and specifications just for you. Should you have any questions about our bikes, feel free to contact us at any time through the contact form or e-mail us at contact@ampm-gmbh.ch – we will gladly help you!
No, our concept is intended to offer a single size by bike model, suitable for the average Swiss. However, all our bikes are adjustable. Handlebars and saddle are both height-adjustable. At the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable on your bike – if you are not quite sure if our standard size is right for you, make an appointment with one of our partners to take a test ride. A list of our partners can be found here.
We offer a variety of different bicycle gearings. You will find everything in our range from no speed (single-speed) to 8 speeds. It is important that you consider where you will be riding your bike.

Our single-speed bikes have only one speed. You can ride this type of bike in freewheel mode (the sprocket runs freely and if you don’t pedal, nothing happens) or in fixed-gear mode (the sprocket is fixed and the pedals spin as soon as the wheel spins on the road). You can decide in which mode you’d like to ride by simply turning the rear wheel. The single-speed bike/fixie is delivered by default in freewheel mode. It is particularly suited for riding in the city or on plain, where you only need to stand up from the saddle to bring enough momentum to manage gentle slopes.

Our 3-speed models have a 3-speed internal-gear hub. The whole body of the derailleur is built in the rear hub. This way, gear shifting can’t be misplaced and wear is reduced to a minimum. The three speeds are designed for a specific purpose. One is for slopes, one for cozy rides on plain, and one for fast downhill rides or city rides. These models are particularly suitable for flat cities and places with little slope.

 The models of our 8-speed range are equipped with the new Claris derailleur from Shimano. It is a classic derailleur gear that enables gear shifting through a shifter lever on the handlebars. With this bike, you will find the right speed for every terrain. This way, you stay super flexible when your ride.
Since we don’t have our own stores, we have different partner stores where you can have a look at our bikes and take a test ride. Unfortunately, every color of every bike isn’t always available. If you have a special request, please contact us so we can supply the appropriate model for you. A list of our partners can be found here.
All our bikes are available at our online store. If a specific color has sold out, it’ll be visible on the website. We however make every effort to restock accordingly. Once you’ve chosen your dream bike, you can check and place your order directly through the shopping cart.
The fastest way to get your dream bike is to pay by credit card or PayPal. We immediately receive confirmation of payment and can get your bike ready for shipping on the very same day.
After successfully placing your order, we automatically send an order confirmation to the email address you gave us that includes the invoice. Please keep this invoice should you have an issue with your bike or should it get stolen.
We ship our bikes through the Swiss Post. As soon as we receive your order/payment, it takes up to 3 days for your bike to be delivered by the post. Shipping is insured and free of charge for you. If you are not at home, the postman will leave you a note stating that your bike is ready to be picked up at the post office.
Our bikes can also be picked up directly at our showroom or at one of our partners stores. If you want to, we can also assemble your bike for you for an extra 50.- CHF – this way you’re ready to go.
Our bikes are delivered 85% assembled. A couple steps are still needed to get your bike ready to ride: the front wheel must be attached, the handlebars must be adjusted, and the pedals and saddle assembled. These steps require 20 minutes maximum. We also provide you the appropriate tools. You will find the assembly instructions for our bikes here.