Our bikes come pre-assembled to 85% and are delivered to your home in a practical cardboard box. The accompanying tool set allows you to get your bike ready for the road in just a few short steps. The corresponding video instructions will take you through the individual steps and require approximately 30 minutes. In order to find the right video instructions, you simply have to select whether you have a model with or without a mudguard.


Ultimate riding fun is guaranteed when the bike is optimally set up. We always make every effort to ensure that the gears and chain tension are optimally set. It is, however, possible that something may become misaligned during transport or use. Our videos can help you optimise your saddle height as needed or undertake additional maintenance on your bike.

Zubehör Montage

Fitting our accessories is child’s play, and only requires a little of your time. The video instructions can help you and guide you through the individual steps.