Lady Bikes

Mixte – the classic, French frame design for sporty women’s racing bikes from a bygone era is enjoying a revival at Siech-Cycles. The low-level mount and elegant double struts on the upper tube ensure both refined handling and a great look. This bike, which is rounded off by the 16-speed CLARIS road shifter from SHIMANO and which boasts a sporty saddle and handlebar grips made of real leather, is the ideal bike for a confident woman happy to draw the attention and looks of others.

8-Speed Lady Comfort

This 8-speed Velo offers maximum comfort – not just when riding through the city but also when traversing cycle paths in the countryside. The comfort frame and low-level mount ensure that the rider can enjoy a comfortable, upright seated position. The new 8-speed CLARIS shifter from SHIMANO ensures an optimal transmission ratio – regardless of whether it’s on a flat or on a hill climb. The comfort saddle and handlebar grips made from real leather underscore the elegance and class of this high quality bike.

8-Speed Lady City

With this 8-speed city bike you’ll go from A to B in no time at all, because the 8-speed shifter takes inclines in its stride. The city frame enables a quick mount and dismount at traffic lights as they slow you down on your journey through the city. The comfortable saddle and handlebar grips in a suede look will be sure to draw attention from onlookers when riding this bike through the town!

Fixie Bike

Regardless of whether it’s a single speed or fixed gear, this bike will keep you in the overtaking lane. Designed for the road, it is not only a fast means of transport through the city but also a lifestyle accessory that is sure to attract attention wherever you go.